Young Leaders For Keep Nine

Who We Are

KEEP NINE is a grassroots movement of experienced political activists who believe that fighting for the stability of the Supreme Court is the most important movement of our time.  

Why Passing a Constitutional Amendment to Keep Nine Justices on the Supreme Court is so Important 

Stability and Consistency: Keeping a fixed number of justices provides stability and consistency to the judicial system. It allows for a predictable structure and avoids potential fluctuations in the court's composition based on political considerations or short-term interests.

Preserving Judicial Independence: A fixed number of justices helps preserve the independence of the judiciary. By capping the number, it reduces the potential for packing the court with ideologically motivated appointments or using the size of the court as a political tool to manipulate its composition.

Efficient Decision-Making: With a smaller number of justices, it is generally easier to reach decisions and maintain the functioning of the court. A larger court might lead to delays, longer debates, and potential difficulties in reaching consensus.

Precedent and Institutional Integrity: Over the years, the Supreme Court has established precedents and developed a body of constitutional interpretation. Maintaining a consistent number of justices helps maintain the integrity of these decisions and ensures a stable and coherent interpretation of the law.